Principles are the Foundation of Greatness

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Great leaders are not the result of merely a great strategy rather they become great because of an unyielding commitment to the right principles to guide all of their decisions, actions, strategies, and messages.

Similarly a great team, performance, or achievement results from committing to and applying the principles which create the possibility for greatness. It is important to note  the application of the principles does not guarantee greatness; although it is true their application does give you your best chance for a great result.

Below are some examples of principles that enable a team to become great I would love to hear what some other principles you believe enable a team the opportunity to become great:

  • Great teams are made up of team members who care about serving their teammates
  • Great teams understand failure is not a reason to point fingers or become discouraged  rather it is a necessary part of the growth they need to become great
  • Great team understand they individually are responsible for their actions, words and choices not their teammates
  • Great teams understand the most important thing they can do for the team is to commit fully to the role the team is counting on them to perform

Please leave comments on these principles or better yet please add to this list. Your contribution benefits all of us who are seeking to help teams perform their best.

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